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Wonderfood Italia

is a company specialised in premium pet food products distribution.

Wonderfood Italia for your business

Being a reference point for retailers, vets and breeders, we handle and distribute cats and dogs’ food of Oasy, Acana and Orijen brands and Ever Clean super premium cat litters on the Italian market.

Thanks to a high-qualified sles network, we guarantee a widespread distribution in Italy, supporting our partners every day.

Besides the high quality of the products we distribute, we in fact pay utmost attention to all the services we offer to retailers and consumers, in order to ensure any required assistance or support for management and selling processes, while our Customer Care guarantee direct communication with consumers.

We manage the business relationship with each of our trading partners, be it a local pet shop or an expanding store chain, in a tailored way, according to the specific needs of each business.

Why should you choose Wonderfood Italia?


Offering best nutrition to all pets is our priority


We support all our business partners with utmost care


Our Toll-free Number 800 555040 is always available to answer to our consumers’ questions (from Italy and San Marino)

Products we distribute

Oasy: high quality nutrition for the wellbeing of cats and dogs

OASY is the reference brand for pawrents, who love their cats and dogs and are looking for high quality food at the right price for them. OASY respects cats and dogs’ carnivore nature, offering a wide range of different products, including dry and wet food and snacks, all prepared with utmost care and with carefully selected natural ingredients, without GMOs and soya. OASY products’ offer meets all pets’ nutritional requirements, according to age, breed and specific needs, so that it matches the evolving trade demand. A range of vegetal cat litters completes the OASY offer.

Dry and wet OASY food is formulated with high percentages of animal ingredients, to guarantee nutrient but also palatable and highly digestible products. Choosing among different recipes, textures and meat or fish tastes, each pawrent may find the ideal OASY food for their pets, according to cats and dogs’ lifestage.

Orijen: nutritional excellence for cats and dogs

ORIJEN is a superpremium pet food brand, which stands out for manufacturing excellent food, inspired by nature. Created in Canada by Champion Petfoods, ORIJEN’s committment is to offer cats and dogs a biologically appropriate nutrition, that is a nutrition reflecting pets’ evolutionary diet and carnivore nature.

ORIJEN is well-known for its unique nutrition philosophy, which is the basis of each food formulation: ORIJEN recipes include only high quality animal ingredients like chicken, fish, beef or lamb, combined with fruit, vegetables and botanicals, to provide cats and dogs with all the necessary nutrients for their wellbeing. Besides, ingredients used in ORIJEN recipes are fresh or raw, to guarantee maximum biological value and high palatability.

Over the years, many people all over the world have been choosing and trusting ORIJEN, in order to offer their pets the best food on market.

Acana: biologically appropriate food for cats and dogs

ACANA is a superpremium brand for cats and dogs’ food, which was born more than 25 years ago in Champion Petfoods’s awarded kitchens, where biologically appropriate food is prepared every day.

The whole ACANA food range meets cats and dogs’ nutritional requirements: since they are carnivore, they need a nutrition including high amounts and variety of animal ingredients used in WholePrey ratio, with low carbohydrate content and balanced with fresh fruit and vegetables.

ACANA offers a wide range of dry dog food and dry and wet food for cats, all formulated with high quality animal proteins like fresh or raw poultry, meat and fish. According to pet’s specific needs and lifestage, each pawrent may find the ideal ACANA food for their four-legged friend.

Ever Clean: clumping cat litters

EVER CLEAN is the brand that turns daily cat litter cleaning routine in a speedy and efficient activity. Formulated with natural bentonite clay with a high clumping power, the litter is enriched with activated carbon to stop and neutralise malodour and guarantee continuous freshness. EVER CLEAN’s fast clumping power immediately locks humidity and moisture, forming tight and easy-to-remove clumps and, thus, keeping cat litter fresh and clean for longer.

EVER CLEAN is very much committed with cats’ wellbeing and safety, using exclusively premium-quality materials that guarantee a clean and comfortable environment for small felines. Thanks to its solid reputation for reliability and superior performance, EVER CLEAN stands out as the ideal cat litter, in order to keep a fresh and pleasant house for cats and owners.

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